Heavenly Cakeballs Bakery - Everything is gluten free and nut free! Yes, everything!

A message from Vonda Barclay, CEO, Heavenly Cakeballs:

Even though I have been baking cakes for many years now, June 2014 was the start of my new business called Heavenly Cakeballs.  My business will have only Gluten Free and Nut Free items. The story behind how our company got started and what it stands for: As a little girl, I too wanted an Easy Bake Oven.  But that’s not what Santa left me at the early age of 6.  I received a giftwrapped box of adult cake pans, spatulas, bowls and Jiffy Cake Mixes.  Hummmmm.  Guess that even Santa knew that I was eventually going to be a baker.

It wasn’t until I started to get sick in December of 2011 with Vertigo that I quit almost all baking in fear that I would ruin someone’s special day.  I was not able to work out or walk due to being dizzy on a regular basis and being in the hospital several times.  Doctor’s and Specialist all told me that “these things happen”.  On February 9, 2014, my husband came home and said that one of his friend’s wife had vertigo and her doctor had suggested that she try going Gluten Free.  It really seemed to help her, so my husband talked me into trying it for just a week.  What could it hurt, right?  Well, two days of being Gluten Free, I felt like a new person……no dizziness, light hearted, breathing easier (I was using a CPAC machine)…..it was Amazing.  That same week on February 14, 2014 we went out for Valentine’s Day and had pizza……O….M….Goodness!!!!!  The very next day I felt absolutely horrible, was dizzy and it took everything I had to deliver a cake that afternoon…..That was the only sign I needed.  Of course I’m lucky enough not to have celiac, but having a Gluten Intolerance is pretty bad also.  So, I thought that I had learned my lesson, but nooooooooooooooooooooo….I had a party at my house 6 or 7 weeks later.  I made the best homemade pot stickers, lots of rice and soy sauce….the list goes on….ummmm. Wonderful, tasty party.

The very next day, my husband had to actually assist me to get down the stairs, I had vertigo as bad as the first time, my eyes were swollen, I had blisters on my hands and arms and I felt like do-do.  Since then, I have taken the Gluten Free more seriously and I truly believe that God had to take drastic measures to push me in the direction he wanted me to go.  I’ve been told that God doesn’t make mistakes and he gives everyone their own special gift.  I wasn’t using mine to the fullest, until now. I am now able to work out on a regular basis and am getting healthy again. I thank all of you for your prayers and support.

I am now baking wonderful delights for all of the people that have celiac, gluten intolerances and nut allergies.  Life still goes on, but we don’t have to suffer or feel deprived.  There are so many yummy things that we can eat just like everyone else.

Because of this special feeling that I have of someone re-directing my life, I have decided that 10% of all proceeds made by Heavenly Cakeballs will be donated to a church monthly for any repair or upkeep it may need.  In my time of need they have always been there for me and my family.  I have come to accept them as my family and love them very much.  Hopefully, if you are ever in the neighborhood, you’ll have time to stop by and visit our Church and these wonderful loving people that will make you feel like family.

I’ve always wanted to help others in need ever since I can remember. I have participated in Muscular Dystrophy for many years in Hawaii where you are assigned a camper and you all go camping for an entire week and you give 150% to your camper and ensure that they and their needs are well taken care of and I have also worked as a guardian angel for the elderly and used weekends to get them out walking or shopping.  Just keeping them company and being their friend. Vonda Barclay, CEO, Heavenly Cakeballs Bakery